Sunday, 1 November 2009

happy halloween!

We've had a little bit of Halloween fun here in the magpie's nest yesterday. It's not really a holiday in Holland, but still.
We did carve a pumpkin:

and we made some Halloween shortbread:

and of course we decorated the house. K really loved it all but was kind of disappointed that that was really it. She sees all the American and British kids shows on tv, the trick-or-treating and the costumes, and wants to do all that as well... It's not always easy to explain the clash of local customs and the global media to a six year old ;)

When I went out for a stroll later that night I found out we weren't the only ones in the village with a lit pumpkin after all. I came across one more, just down the road from where we live. So maybe K, just maybe, there's hope for a real Halloween next year!

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