Monday, 29 March 2010


March has not been my friend! And I won't play with him no more (just three more days, I keep telling myself...)
I won't start telling you what went wrong for two reasons:
1) it would take a lot less webspace to tell you what went well
2) this is not what this blog was supposed to be about
(not that I'm known for suffering in silence...)
But because almost nothing went according to plan (and quite a few things weren't "planned" to happen in the first place) I'm just going to post some pictures I had promised a long time ago and be off again to wait for April. Maybe she'll be nicer to me  ; )

So, here's a picture of my woodcarving WIP (although I've been working on it since I took the picture, and it looks a bit different by now):

And here's a picture of something green (as promised in my last post, still not finished though):

And do you remember I said I'd keep you posted on the paper-maché head? Well, it did dry eventually, but had changed it's shape so much, it looked like it had suffered a severe case of smallpox. I guess I didn't cut the paper small enough to smoothen it out more... I need more practice, that's for sure!

That's got to be enough for today. I'll crawl back into my cozy nest and sit the rest of this month out (there's not much else I can do). See you in April!

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