Thursday, 19 November 2009

Oh my, it's been a while...
Not that nothing did happen.
Not that I didn't do anything worth showing or mentioning.
I just had too much to do and one of those "who's-gonna-read-this-anyway"-moments, so I didn't bother.
But here I am, back with some fresh optimism I found around the house.

One thing I (well rather we, K and I) did was enjoy St. Martin's Day. I had been looking forward to taking pictures of lovely self made lanterns in the procession and the huge bonfire at the end...
Can you believe it??? I had been planning for this for months, too!
Ah well, maybe next year ; )

One other thing I did was finally finish K's crochet cardigan. And I must say, considering I have never made anything like this before it turned out really nice:

The pink colour isn't quite as screaming in real life ,and luckily so! ;)

I also worked on some crocheted purses/small bags that just need some lining added to them. So hopefully I can show them to you soon!

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